Why We Love infographic videos (And You Should, Too!)
Oct 01, 2015 Arun Mandala 0 Comments

This was sometime around 2005, that we remember a discussion with our client over a coffee. Those were days when startups were just mushrooming around, and making rounds to those reluctant investors. The client had a kick-ass SaaS (Software as a Service) product in hand and he wanted to showcase in the best way possible. We started drawing the storyboard then and there and our designer started making icons and elements. A couple of hours passed by and Viola… we had an info graphic right in front of us, though a sketch. And the concept was explanation was so easy peasy that we fell in love with that. The next day we started to work on the Info graphic video for the pitch presentation, and in about a week a freshly brewed info graphic video was ready.

What happened next was something inspirational to all of us. Our client just had to present the info graphic video to the investors post pleasantries. None were too sure if the investors started to believe the product from the word go, but then the presentation in the form of an Info graphic video has resulted in increased engagement resulting in raising the interest levels to all new heights. There were many conversations that went by after the initial meet, and finally it took some time but the investors gave a nod.

Our client called up and without doubts gave credit to the idea we all sat together and came up with – An idea of Info graphic Video for pitch presentation.
It goes without saying that presentation is the key to ensure engagement. And if you have a kick ass idea, it certainly deserves much more attention and care. Info graphic video checks all the boxes in this regard. Animated info graphic videos will increase the engagement and business sales.

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