Uses of Whiteboard Videos in Educational Environment
Apr 05, 2016 Arun Mandala 0 Comments
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Interactive whiteboards have become very useful in various lines of work. One of the areas of society where whiteboard has become extremely popular is education. An educational video production company can help you create the appropriate video for any environment. The results of a number of studies show that there are some clear advantages of using interactive whiteboards, as well as some disadvantages of using them in the classroom.

Whiteboard videos – Pros

The research was conducted in 170 classrooms, where teachers would use whiteboard animation videos with one group of students and with the others, the lesson was presented in a traditional way. The results showed a much higher level of attention with students where the interactive whiteboard was used.

First of all, one of the most interesting features is the voting system, as all of the students have a device that they use to answer questions presented on the whiteboard. Besides giving everyone a way to participate in the lecture, even those who gave the wrong answers remembered what is correct, because the visual learning method helped them retain this information better. Additionally, the availability of visual material engages more students and helps them understand and remember the important parts of the lecture.

Whiteboard videos – Cons

Using interactive whiteboard videos in a classroom is the perfect shift for education. However, the study showed that in 20% of the classrooms, teachers achieved better results using traditional teaching methods. However, it is not that the new technology is ineffective; the study concluded that some teachers had trouble adapting to the appropriate use of this learning tool.

Lower scores in some classrooms were the result of improper technology use, as teachers made several mistakes. When using the voting system, it is essential that the teacher discusses the results with the students, explaining why one answer is correct and the other is not. Even though the visual part of the lecture is as an advantage, teachers should take some time before they move on to the next slide.

This only shows that interactive whiteboard videos and material have no actual flaws, but that people using the technology should dedicate some time to adapt to the new standards and ways pupils acquire knowledge.

In conclusion, the study showed over 25% better achievement scores with all students. This is good news for the educational system, as whiteboards are going to further expand and take their place in the classroom. Creating the appropriate material is easy when you work with a good whiteboard video production company and understand the correct methods to use these videos. The future of teaching is here and everyone is looking forward to it.

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