The Magic of Stop Motion Explainer Videos
Jun 25, 2015 Arun Mandala 0 Comments

There’s a wish that mankind has been want to fulfill time and time again. It’s ‘I wish I could stop time.’ We all know the reality, but what if I told you, it can be done.

In the world of making videos, we call it stop motion videos.

Stop motion films are great at capturing attention of the audience because they leave the viewers with a completely different experience. You see this sapling grow into a tree; you can see that puppy grow into a faithful companion. All through stop-motion videos.

Now imagine sharing this experience with the targeted audience by making an explainer video for your business!

An Enhanced Experience

Stop-motion explainer videos are an evolution of explainer films. With these kinds of videos, you can show compelling visuals that are typically difficult to achieve with classic 2D explainers.

Difficult to make, but Beautiful to Watch

Make no mistake, as much as stop-motion explainer videos are amazing to see, they are very hard to make. It can take months to capture the visuals then arrange them in such a manner that they look spellbinding.

Stop motion explainer videos have a way of reaching the audience unlike other. They build an emotional connect with the viewers in seconds and choosing it as a marketing option also provides a ton of options. From illustrations to using clay, there are various ways to achieve the same result and all of them have a unique visual quality to them.

To put it in a short way, stop motion explainer films are like a doorway to Narnia. Once you open it, you are awed and inspired by the magical things that reside inside.

So why not get a stop motion explainer for your business and awe your customers today? Trust us; it’s a door worth opening.

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