Simple Ways for Driving Traffic with Whiteboard Videos
Jan 27, 2016 Arun Mandala 0 Comments
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Each day, there are more and more people who understand how professionally made whiteboard videos can enable a business to spread its message to wider audiences. But, there is a catch. No matter how good your whiteboard video might be, it won’t have any significant effect on your sales if it doesn’t inspire your viewers to act. This is why you must use your whiteboard animation videos to create a killer call to action. Simply provide your visitors with a dose of relevant information and point them in the right direction! This is how to do it.

Include essential CTAs

The primary purpose of a whiteboard video is to inform your clients and potential clients about your products, services and the goals and norms you cherish as a company. With this in mind,the only logical conclusion is to include a good CTA in order to direct people to the sales page of your services or products. In case your video focuses on building a relationship while showcasing your business in the process, then you should create a CTA with the purpose of encouraging people to sign up to your mailing list. In case the video focuses on entertaining for the purpose of branding, you can create CTAs that encourage users to subscribe to a certain YouTube channel. If the video presents your services or products, include a CTA that leads people to the purchase section on your page.

Posting video to YouTube

In the last couple of years, the value of videos has increased drastically, and most people prefer watching business videos rather than reading business articles. This is something that everyone should take advantage of. Post you whiteboard videos to YouTube and include relevant links in the description (such as the URL address of your website) and this will lead to driving traffic from this media. Furthermore, by creating a business channel on YouTube, you will directly increase your site’s SEO ranking.

Social media videos

Once you’ve created videos on your site and YouTube channel, it’s time to share them on all major social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. You should try looking for social network groups that have interest in your whiteboard video content. Make sure that you include short descriptions in your post and/or tags (depending on the network). Try and build a network of your own by liking, commenting related videos and establishing cooperation with people that have the same interests.

The most important thing is not to make low quality whiteboard videos, as they can be harmful for your business. Create and optimize your whiteboard animation videos as quick as possible to start increasing your traffic.

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