Simple Steps to Create an Eye-Catching Animated Product Video
Mar 30, 2016 Arun Mandala 0 Comments

Creating a beautiful animated video for your products is an effective and inexpensive way to present them to your audience. Everyone wishes that the animated video featuring their product goes viral, but first, there are some steps you need to take, if you want your video advertising to be successful. So, here are some basic steps that will help you make the most out of your first animated product video.

Perfect Script
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If you want to create an eye-catching animated video, the first thing you will need is to write a good and interesting script to go with it. You will need an innovative technique, one that will display your product in the consumer’s eyes as something they really need. So, create a good description of your product and create a great story to go with it.

Great Voice

Since you won’t be making a silent movie, you will need to have the perfect voice that will narrate your video. The voice needs to be audible and to perfectly correspond with the frames in the video. Try to incorporate an ordinary narrative voice that will be clear and pleasant to the ears, and maybe some supporting background music.

Video Frames

For this part of your animated product video, you will need some professional help, perhaps an animation video company. You might be a creative person, but you will need professional assistance if you want to create a masterpiece for your animated product video. Your animation video needs to have approximately 40 screenshots that will show various properties related to your product.

Combine It All Together

When you have done all the aforementioned steps, it is time to combine all of it together and see what it will look like. Check everything before putting it online, add some effects to make it look more eye-catching and authentic to your visitors. Make sure that you at least consult with professionals, so that your product animated video turns out to be the best that it can be.

These are our simple steps on how to create an eye-catching animated product video for your website. Follow them carefully and we are sure that your product video will be amazing and that it will help you explain what your business is really about to your viewers.

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