A must have for any new business idea – An explainer video
Dec 04, 2014 Arun Mandala 0 Comments

Remember the classic elevator pitch?

If you can’t explain your idea to someone till you finish an elevator ride with them, your product/idea/service is too complex to be understood by everyone. But you may ask, how am I supposed to do that when I need to explain all the features and benefits of my product/idea/service in elaborate detail? Well, that’s what explainer videos are for.

Explainer videos are your short elevator pitches that span across 1-2 minutes. These videos not only explain everything about your product, but also convince the audience to invest in the idea. And that investment could be anything from actual funding from the investors to the general public buying your product.

Fact: It’s a mandatory requirement for every startup to have an explainer video before they approach an investor or a startup meeting. That just goes to represent the importance of these videos. The truth is, you can make a free one at many sites now. And you may think who better to create an explainer video for a company than myself – the one who started it, right? But here’s the reality, you are invested so much in your company that you would want to show all the features that make your product better than everybody else. And doing that will just drive away your audience as they will be overwhelmed with information.

What you need is a video production house like Brandepix who know the pulse of the audience; who know what the audience wants; who know what the audience would like to listen. Brandepix has created more than 160 animation explainer videos for upcoming startups to established companies such as MakeMyTrip, Infosys and more. They have mastered the way to tug at the right strings that gets the audience attention.

Brandepix can create a video for your company that doesn’t just explain but will also make the viewer go.. ‘I want that’ in as less as 60 seconds.

So if you want your product/idea/service to seen and admired and by thousands of potential customers, who will not just get the idea but will also love it, get an animated explainer video from Brandepix.

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