How low cost animated explainer videos can hurt your business
Jun 30, 2015 Arun Mandala 0 Comments

In the business world, everybody talks about ROI and how you can always find better options to produce marketing materials. This is especially true for making videos as there are a ton of options. But if you are looking at catering to a wide set of audience in a limited period of time within a limited budget, animated explainer videos are the smart man’s weapon of choice. However, there is a latest trend where you can find every other ‘studio’ has become a producer of explainer videos and offer ridiculous prices sometimes as low as 100 – 200 dollars and companies are tempted to go for these looking at the low value.

Here’s the cold fact: It’s a trap.

Companies or so called ‘studios’ that promote these kind of prices don’t know the first thing about animation. They don’t know how to promote a brand message in the way that is compelling which will make the viewer say ‘I’m interested in what you have to sell’. Opting for these studios have time and time again proven how they have no sense of design and how the visual elements don’t adhere to the brand guidelines and present the brand in such a manner that the viewer is sometimes put off by the whole presentation.

Now here’s the hard question: Are you ready to lose potential customers permanently for a cheaply made animated explainer video?

Studios that charge a higher price do it for a reason because they know the costs involved. They can accommodate changes and churn out ideas and concepts that work specially for the brand to be advertised. They do research and understand what the audience want and construct the message in a wholesome manner where design, content and animation come together in a seamless fashion. And here’s a surprising fact: Animated explainer videos with a higher budget give you better ROI than low cost ones, simply because they are visually arresting, leading to increased conversion rates on your website.

The choice is yours. So make the smart one and push your brand presence to the next level.

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