How Custom Animated Videos Can Make Your Brand Popular
Mar 16, 2016 Arun Mandala 0 Comments

In order to succeed when marketing a business today – no matter if we are talking about your business or someone else’s – it is essential that you fully commit to your target audience and create a unique brand for that company. It is also highly important to create a personal brand that communicates with your audience. Show some empathy to your audience by caring about their problems and giving them the exact things they need to solve their problems.

Make people trust you and your brand by showing your true face to the whole world. Show what makes you different from the rest, as well as why you are better. There are various types of content you can use online for achieving this, but the most effective are custom animated videos.

Why custom animated videos?

Animated videos are entertaining, compelling, visually appealing and, above all, engaging. However, their biggest advantage is the fact that you can use them to customize colors, characters and backgrounds. All of these things, combined with a well told story, can relate to your target audience’s emotions, and this will create a strong relationship between your brand and the crowd. Not only will this enable you to quickly build your personal or company brand, but you will be able to tell your story in a fun and non-annoying way.

Brand colors and custom animation video styles
One of the greatest branding elements are colors and you cannot neglect them. By combining the animation style and your brand’s colors, and you do this with your social networks, products, landing pages and websites, you will ensure maximal brand recall. There are various different types of custom animated videos such as cartoon, whiteboard, motion graphic videos, etc. The style you use should match your brand’s personality, if you want your story to be legit.

Last but not least, be yourself and build trust with people. By being unique and authentic, people will notice you and they’ll engage with your brand more and more, as time passes.

Animated characters can relate to your buyer persona

Learn as much as you can about your target audience. After you’ve done this, use the insights you collected to create a character that represents a typical person in your audience. The virtual character you create will have a job, a name, some personal background, and so on. In a way, he or she will be your buyer persona. When you design that animated character, they should resemble your audience. Why? Simply because this will invoke trust and identification within them, as they will think that the video was designed especially for them.

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