How animated explainer videos can generate revenue?
Dec 30, 2015 Arun Mandala 0 Comments

Your Business Explained in 1 minute! Or your Money Back!!

Well! Forget about it! We are not giving you the money back. What we would rather do is – give you a stunning explainer video that you can leverage.

The above copy intentionally misled you, to read through. That’s the issue with most marketing copy these days. The Internet has become a domain of free-talkers, causing all sort of noise pollution on the web.

How then, should a genuine business hope to grab the attention of it’s target audience.

Simple. Do the opposite.

While everyone is going verbose on the marketing communication, you take a different approach by getting straight to the point, without pimping it with over exaggerated marketing copy. And the best medium for straight-talking is the animated video production, especially in case of explainer videos.

Brand Communications, of late, have demonstrated a keen bent towards animated explainer videos. Reason being, the high guaranteed conversion ratio.

But what makes the explainer videos such a fool-proof strategy?

Here are few key aspects of animated video productions that’s driving more and more brands towards it:

Effective Medium :

Audio Visual medium by itself has proven to be the most effective marketing option, while targeting the new-age digital-savvy generation. And Animation videos, in particular have been comparatively more effective when it comes to communicate complex ideas. Not all of us have the resource of James Cameron and Steven Spielberg to do CGI-Live Action combo. Thankfully, Animation saves the day.

Feasible Option :

Animation posses the power of visual metaphor. Imagine you are a startup mobile app company and want your app features explained. With Live Action, the best you could do is weave an interesting story to highlight the app’s key takaway.

But if you have to get into the intricate technology aspects behind the app functionality, Live Action simply becomes unfeasible. Your best bet is to opt for an animated explainer video, which can transform an inanimate object like a phone into a talking salesperson, without causing a dent in your marketing budget.

No-nonsense Videos :

Animation Explainer videos take a fast-paced, focused and to-the-point approach, which works wonders for explainer videos, given the fact that today’s consumers don’t have the patience to watch long videos and then decipher the message. They want it plain and simple. The Who-What-Why philosophy of the explainer videos is just what the consumers want. With Animation, you can explain complex ideas to your target audience, in a fun, understandable way.

Unmatchable Conversion Rate:

Animation videos, being fun and entertaining lowers the defense system of the audience, thus allowing Brands to make a strong call to action. One may not need a product or service at a given time, but if engaged with an effective visual presentation, there’s a likely chance of impulse-purchases.

Video Production is the new weapon of choice for marketers world over. While Live Action has its place in the Brand Storytelling, it’s animation that’s proven to be a powerful marketing tool, when it comes to featuring your innovative business ideas, products or services.

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