How a Strongly Ideated Explainer Video Storyboard Will Improve Your Business
Jun 23, 2015 Arun Mandala 0 Comments
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In today’s day and age of modern media, the market demographic for videos demands immediate attraction. From the first second till the last, you need your video to speak to your audience in the manner they find most interesting. Having a strongly ideated storyboard is the first and the most important step in that regard.

A storyboard is the heart of the video. From a cursory movement of the character to the placement of the alphabet; everything within a video should be plotted to immaculate detail. Any mistakes in this regard may not directly affect to the failure of the explainer video but will eventually lead to it.

The core benefits of having a well thought storyboard for explainer videos are :

1. Simplicity

Yes. Well thought out visuals are easy to understand. The better your audience understand the messages understand, the faster they turn into customers. It’s like math, only easy. Understanding = Enlightenment = Buying.

2. Easy Transitions

A transition is one of the key elements that help the viewer move from one scene to another seamlessly. You’d be surprised to know that this is also one of the least adhered elements in the storyboard making process. A good explainer video storyboard will provide easy transitions, making the viewer see the film or the video as a whole rather that patches of visuals stuck together.

3. Coherent narrative

A well planned storyboard moves the narrative at a valid pace. Visuals that combine a lot of elements may lead to confusion. Sticking to a theme will help in the arrangement of the visuals that look attractive and appealing. A storyboard artist should keep all these things in mind when creating one.

Creating a good storyboard for your explainer video can be a tough job. So why not take the help of qualified and experienced professionals? At Brandepix, we have a kickass team that has produced and ideated more than 400 exciting and attractive explainer videos for major brand across the world.

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