Engage Your Employees with Animation
Mar 08, 2016 Arun Mandala 0 Comments

In this globalized world we live in, every company out there has at least a few employees from different countries and states. Since they all have different backgrounds, finding new ways to engage them has now become more difficult than ever. Perhaps animation can be an ideal solution for that, because its format is a good fit that can engage diverse individuals. So, with all this said, let’s see how animation will help you engage your employees.

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It Is Relatable

Like we said above, the main benefit of engaging your employees with animation is that it is a universal communication tool. Not just because everyone is already familiar with the format, but also because of the abstract aesthetics that make it easier for every individual to relate to the material. Each viewer may think that the animated characters look or behave just like them.

It Will Connect the Audience

Even if your employees are from different places and have different interests, that shouldn’t necessarily mean that they create a group that is incoherent and random. Based on the company’s goals and brand philosophy, an animation video can combine the corporate culture with the culture of the employees and connect with them in a very direct way.

It Will Send a Specific Message

Whether your animated video is used to engage the entire company, specific region or just one division, you need to have in mind the specific message you are trying to send and tailor it to be as specific as it can be. You may think that some things that you find to be interesting and important are not really the things your employees will react to, and sometimes, this can do more harm than good.

No matter what titles and functions your employees have, they are still a part of the same team. So, the best way to engage them is to treat them as such. You should never talk down to them nor talk up, because they are a part of your company, they know how to run the business, so when you are engaging them with animation, you need to put yourself in their shoes and make the animation video clear, sincere and to truly show them how much you appreciate their work.

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