Communicate complex messages in a simple manner & gain more customers with an explainer video
Jul 22, 2015 Arun Mandala 0 Comments

Steve walks in a huff towards his desk.

“Mate, I am at loss!” he says to John.

Steve then drops his organizer on the table and slumps on his chair!

John doesn’t respond as he’s glued to his laptop screen.

Steve bends to fetch his water bottle and looks at John in dismay as he never bothered to respond. While gulping water he tries to understand what keeping John has glued to his computer.

“Whoa! That’s so easy!” exclaims John.

“What’s up mate?” Steve swivels his chair to be next to him.

“One goddamn insurance policy that I have been racking my brains on and trying to figure out which company I should be going ahead with.” says John.
“Now look at this company”. He says, pointing at the computer screen.”They are so cool. In just 2 minutes they explained everything by stripping down a complex policy into a simple statement. Now I know so much that am all set to buy this right away.”

Steve gets curious and looks at the video. “What’s this now?”

“It’s an explainer video mate.” claims John. “It explained the policy in the simplest terms possible and just took about 2 minutes.”

Steve swivels back to his desk, and he’s thinking.

Meanwhile John buys the policy and he’s content. He turns to Steve “You were saying something Steve?”

Steve looks at Johne – “I got it mate, no worries”

Just before this conversation, Steve was finding it quite challenging to explain a complex insurance product to a prospective customer. The customer was so confused that he dint opt for the product and Steve was left frustrated. Now Steve understands the power of an explainer video and is all set to get one for himself.

15 days later, Steve got an explainer video for his insurance product and is now showing the same to John.

John “Wow. That was so informative and simple. The video clearly explains everything i want to know and i’m all set to buy the product.”

Steve “Well, that’s the intention. I’m glad i have a explainer video that can show all the value propositions in an entertaining and engaging manner. All my clients are impressed and i was even applauded by the boss.”

Like Steve, you too can turn prospective clients into customers by having an explainer video. Explainer videos are great at communicating complex messages using simple and engaging animation.

So why not get one today from us? Talk to us, you’ll be amazed.

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