Can A Good Product Video Really Lead To More Sales?
Jun 24, 2016 Arun Mandala 0 Comments
Animated product video

The paramount aim of any business is reaching the pinnacle of sales.

Product videos

Be it product or services, sales turnover is the anchor of business ship – an anchor which can stabilize the business. A sales chart report soaring towards sky defines the success of the business. Hence businesses of all kind strive hard to increase their sales. In simpler terms, a business which can sell more of its products has better chances of sustainability amongst the very competitive corporate world. At the same time, good ongoing sales help in the scalability of the company. A healthy sale chart creates a ladder and paves way towards further expansion. Writing the latest trend, the corporate world is using adept product video to hoist their sales.

As per an English idiom, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Today we can easily modify the idiom by saying, ‘A video is worth a million words.’ Video just does not explain, rather, they engage audience in a very amicable way. Hence WEBians love to watch product videos instead of reading a brochure or a detailed product e-mailer. Videos easily captivate a vast category of people. All they have to do is it to click on the ‘play’ button instead of scratching their head to understand the catchy phrases of handbills. Hence Product video companies are becoming the new savior of corporate world. These companies, being a creative player, brew a video pouring personal touch and adding the essence of effective products explainers. The creatively brewed video’s flavor spreads faster over the net like virus.

Thanks to social media sites, today, creating and spreading the web of network is no more a phantasmagoria as the internet allows one and all to get socialized sitting in their couch. This aspect gives a huge leverage to corporate world in marketing their products. An Animated product video, which is fun to watch, grabs the attention of these socialized people. People who like such videos, although may not being a direct consumer, share it often in their network just for fun. This kind of random share reaches the probable customer in one way or other. Thus just with a creatively tailored product video, a firm can reach to titanic amount of people.

The invasion of smart phones also accounts to the success of product video marketing. Many popular apps make it easy to assess everything and anything through the small screen. Hence YouTube, being the major hub of videos, glitters with animated product videos amongst the wide range of users. Majority of the young users, who like the creativity of such videos circulate it among their vast circle giving it a chance to go viral. Needless to say, a viral video bring in an enormous number of new consumers to the door steps of businesses. Hence we see the corporate world, seeking the boon of high sales, chanting a new mantra – Product video.

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