How Can an Explainer Video Work For Your Business?
Mar 23, 2016 Arun Mandala 0 Comments

One part of Google’s algorithm takes how much time your visitors spend on your website into consideration, and this here is the main reason why your business needs an explainer video. Explainer videos have become extremely popular, because they are really affordable and effective ways of growing your business. Besides being a great marketing tool, here are a couple of more ways these videos can, and will, boost your business.

Explainer Videos

They Will Increase Your Conversion Rate

Many surveys have shown that 85% of people will likely buy a service or a product if they see an explainer video on your website. Such videos can help you as a business owner keep track of how many visitors can potentially turn into customers. Based on the number of views, you can see which service or product a potential customer is interested in.

They Will Give Your Customers a Clearer Image

Having a lot of text on your website can sometimes be a little confusing for your customers, because they can misinterpret something while they read. This is where explainer videos can be helpful; they explain the uses and functions of the service or products you are selling. People will get a clearer image of what your business is all about when they hear and see someone explain it. This can help you get your value proposition across as efficiently as possible.

It Will Boost Your SEO

Speaking of numbers, outdated websites do not survive on the web. If your website is filled with endless text and generic images, it will rank low in search engines and get less exposure. This also makes your potential customers click away, because they want to quickly get the gist of what the website is about. Having an explainer video will grab their attention and, at the same time, it’ll rank you higher in search results.

Grab the Attention of Your Audience

You cannot go too far with basic web content, and some who try to engage visitors to buy their products or services put flashy animation on their websites, use tons of images and colorful fonts, but that only confuses the potential customers and it takes too long to load. All in all, it is a disaster, and it would be better to gather all your interesting ideas and incorporate them into an explainer video. Your website will look clean, and in the same time, it’ll provide enough information for your potential customers.

There are even more benefits an explainer video can have for your business, so do not wait anymore, hire a respectable explainer video animation company and make some great material that will only lead your business to success.

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