Animated Infographics Video’s for Corporates
Aug 06, 2015 Arun Mandala 0 Comments

Are you part of the sales team in your Organization? Then the word “Client Presentation” is something that you could have heard very frequently. I can truly imagine a typical day of a salesman in a BPO / IT / Manufacturing industry, who struggle to design a professional client presentation within a quick turnaround time with shaking nerves to include all the vital information including the process value stream maps, graphs & numbers, complex process flow, complicated technical designs and many other specimens.

The high net worth clients always has a special affinity for great clarity of information from the presentation from their prospective vendors. The marketing mantra for a salesman is “You never get a second chance”. Yes, you always have one chance to present yourself. Those few moments before your clients and those set of facts that are likely to be presentedare going to have a great influence on your client’s decision.

Presentation takes you to the market

The hardest part of all is to present with appropriate voice tone, facts, sequence, and within the allocated time. Remember, that you can be the best, but you can’t argue that you are best, if you do not know to present your work. I’ve seen people who have done amazing work, but end up screwing up in front of a client and lay eggs. Optimally, making a great presentation is an ultimate factor to help you reach this competitive market.

Infographics – A visual and audio treat to your client

The digital media Industry soon identified these loop holes as a potential business opportunity to find their way into the corporate world. Within the last decade, Infographics has gained immense popularity and has been identified as one of the precise solution to address this challenge. Infographics is a “graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge” with an intention to present the complex information with ease and with minimum human intervention. Many animation video production companies have come forward to extend their hands in collecting data, organizing it and turning the information into a visual treat and facilitating the corporates to reach out their clients with high standard of professionalism and optimism. Infographic Video has the potential to transmit large amounts of information in a short duration of time. A simple 25 seconds video can transmit more information to your client.

Infographics and some of its benefits :

  • A visual and audio treat
  • Minimum human intervention
  • High quality standard
  • Professionalism
  • Shareable
  • More information
  • Within the timelines

If your competitors are doing video, they’re already winning!

  • Where do we help you?
  • Dedicated creative director
  • Script Writing
  • Multi lingual voice over(s)
  • Kinematic typography
  • Graphics aligned with your brand guidelines
  • Full HD Video
  • Custom music score

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