5 Reasons to Select Brandepix as Your Explainer Video Maker
Apr 24, 2014 Arun Mandala 0 Comments

Creation of an explainer video takes a lot of time and resources. If you’re planning on hiring the company to do create a video for you, then you need a video maker who has all the sophisticated tools ready to give you the best explainer video possible. Brandepix is an explainer video production company that has made more than 80 explainer videos in just 11 months. So we’ll give 5 reasons to choose us as your explainer video maker.
Fits All Budgets
We know budget is the main concern for startups and even sometimes for established organizations. Everyone wants the best product available at the least prices. Brandepix has worked with clients’ across the world, big and small, and delighted them with our splendid service, all within the budget they wanted.
Variety of Different Styles
2D, 3D, Whiteboard, Info graphic, Stop-motion, Character Animation and Typography – Brandepix makes them all. You can choose any style you want and we’ll deliver a video that matches you vision and brand image.
Experienced Talent
As an explainer video production house, Brandepix is home to a variety of creative individuals who have worked in different industries such as gaming, graphic novels, film-making and others. This gives Brandepix a unique approach towards ideation and creating explainer videos as we bring the collective experience from all those industries.
No Unnecessary Delay in Deadlines.
Brandepix ensures goals are met in a timely order. From the time we start working on the script, till we deliver the video, you will get timely updates to remind you about the work in progress so that mutually agreed objectives are met on a pre-decided timetable.
We Aren’t Satisfied Till You Are
Brandepix believes in delighting customers. So we will not stop iterating and changing elements till you’re completely satisfied with the end result. We ensure all quality standards are met in the first go so that the client is happy from the start, but if you want any changes, we will address them immediately because client satisfaction is everything for us.
So if you want one video or ten, Brandepix ensures all your goals are met according to how you want. Log onto now.

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